Sunday, March 22, 2009

Is Advertising Broken?

I've been talking to people a lot about how many of the old business models are broken.

The recording industry went first. And now, broadcast and publishing... and with it, advertising. And I've been thinking, reading, and talking with people about how the move away from old-school push advertising is affecting marketing.

What amazes me is how uninterested in these changes most traditional marketing people are. It's truly astonishing. There is no curiosity about social media, blogging, search ranking and search marketing, and the content-rich web... they're still stuck in the days of direct mail, billboards, tv, radio and print. Some even argue vociferously that nothing is really changing.

Agencies and marketing professionals, who need to be be on top of these shifts in order to do their jobs, are almost clueless. Many of the companies they work for, and with, are clueless as well.

I think to them it sounds like "blah blah blah Facebook blah blah blah". They think it's just kid stuff that they don't have to concern themselves with.

This blindness and lack of interest among marketing professionals may sound unbelievable, but I kid you not. I see a great divide, and I see it widening rapidly. It may already be too late for some to find a way across.