Monday, March 23, 2009

Helping Entrepreneurs Launch

New businesses are popping up like spring bulbs lately. This being Michigan, people have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Many of these folks are funded by their own savings, and are hard-pressed to afford even a small design agency's services.

The first thing they need is a logo. Then business cards. Maybe a print flyer, but probably not. And then, a website. And marketing 2.0 advice along the way. I'm great at this!

The small business launch formula seems to be logo/bizcards/web... then, presto, they're up and running. Pretty simple, really. No campaigns, no expensive media buys, no sales staff. Barriers to entry to the marketplace have come down. And their web presence can be basic at first, then grow and evolve as it needs to. And the initial small revenue stream generated can fund growth.

Working with entrepreneurs is fun, it's a low-cost lab where we can test the new online marketing strategies, and it's gratifying to help local people affordably launch new businesses.