Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Businesses, You're Already on Foursquare. Why Not Engage?

Working on a social media proposal for a bank today, I mentioned Foursquare in passing while concentrating on how they could leverage other platforms such a YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Start with the basics.

Then, after reading this great post, I looked the client up on Foursquare and found that one of their branches was indeed there, with 2 visitors, each with about 20 friends. Which drives home the oft-quoted truism that companies already are in the social media space, whether they are participating or not. So why not join the conversation?

There's nothing inherently exciting or interesting about a neighborhood bank branch, yet with no effort on the part of the client, Foursquare had generated 42 impressions for them. How many more people could they reach with some effort? How easy would it be to tie some messaging to those impressions?

Think about how targeted and qualified the audience is. People who are checking in at the bank on Foursquare are already clients, who might be interested in other financial products. Their friends are most likely local, too, and are excellent potential customers.

Why not have a Foursquare promotion with a small giveaway on first check-in, say, a pen... imprinted with Interest Checking - No Fees! It's highly likely that this will generate comments specifically mentioning the Interest Checking pen,  and if the promotion gets even 30 more unique visitors checking in from Foursquare, with 20 friends apiece, that's 672 qualified potential customers who get the Interest Checking message.

And that's just one idea.