Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chris Barger Reflects On 4 Years of Social Media At GM

Chris Barger Sums Up His GM Experience
I had an incredible opportunity to hear Christopher Barger, GM's outgoing head of social media, tell the story of how he built GM's much admired social media program.

He spoke to the Ann Arbor Ad Club, and afterward I had the opportunity to join him for dinner, along with our hosts from re:group, the Ann Arbor agency who sponsored the talk, and re:group's David Murray (@DaveMurr), whose friendship with Chris was instrumental in persuading him to share his experiences with us.

Chris' Social Media Journey

Chris is a social media pioneer:  he started out at IBM where, as a PR guy with a personal blog, he was tapped to bring IBM into social media. This was way back in 2004. It's a great story, and better told by Jennifer Leggio on the ZDNet blog.

From IBM, Chris went to GM.

The giant automaker kept calling him, but Barger said he had zero interest in moving to Detroit. Finally, GM said come on out and visit, and if you still say no, we won't bother you any more. Read more...